Our story

Stories and experiences of others helped BENSINGH reflect on his own situations and challenges. By observing the characters in these stories, he has seen how they dealt with their challenges. Now he feels the need to give something back.


BENSINGH creates illustrated stories, to make families aware of the value of sharing experiences with each other. After sharing his own stories and challenges with his family, he found that they understood him better and their relationship grew stronger. This inspired BENSINGH to focus his work on families so that other families can also find a way to talk openly about what is needed.


The illustrations that come out of these stories, these narrative illustrations, are turned into products. These products serve as a way for BENSINGH to connect with these families and get its message across:

"Stories share experiences, and by sharing experiences we create understanding. Through understanding, we build strong bonds."


Join BENSINGH in spreading its message to these families by:

  • Getting the products on bensingh.com
  • Sharing his mission with your loved ones through the products
  • Help your loved ones get the products and share the mission with their loved ones

Thank you.